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Frequently asked questions


What exactly is CoinAPI?

CoinAPI is a platform which provides fast, reliable, and unified API to access real-time or historical data from cryptocurrency markets. We are integrating all cryptocurrency exchanges, and deliver acquired data in both raw or preprocessed forms to our customers using a single, simple API.

Where is CoinAPI infrastructure located?

Most of our infrastructure is located in AWS (Amazon Web Services) in North America, Europe, and Japan. You can collocate around us, or we can set up a dedicated server infrastructure around you if you have an Enterprise subscription.

How will market data be delivered when I connect from North America?

Our infrastructure is designed to deliver data with the shortest possible network path between you and the exchange. This means that when you establish a connection from North America to CoinAPI, you will receive data from North America collocated exchanges without your network path leaving the continent. Simultaneously, you will receive data from other exchanges via a shorter off-shore path.

What happens if I exceed my plan’s daily request limit?

The free plan is subject to a hard limit, so with this plan you will get a HTTP 429 response status code along with an error message if you exceed your daily limit. Paid plans, by contrast, are ‘soft-limited’; if you exceed your limit on regular basis, then we will contact you and kindly ask you to upgrade. There are also hard limits on paid plans, but these are placed much higher than the limits defined in our pricing.

What are the restrictions on usage of real-time protocols?

Real-time streaming protocols are restricted by the data types available for subscription via the protocol and are limited to the single concurrent connection for the period of the month. The Enterprise plan agreements are custom tailored.

How long does it take to integrate CoinAPI?

We will deliver an API key to your email address within a minute after you subscribe. With this key, you can use our API right away. The integration component is up to you: it can take just five minutes for simple projects or several days for most complicated ones.

Is there an SLA agreement available?

Yes, but only with the Enterprise plan.

Is access to historical market data limited in any way?

Yes, it’s limited by the number of daily requests over our RESTful API.

How can I contact support?

Send us an email at [email protected] or create ticket in the Support Center.

Did your API support trading operations?

We don't have trading API support (all protocols) at the moment. We are considering the possibility of adding trading API to our service, but can't provide any timeline.

Market data

What types of data does CoinAPI provide?

  • Detailed information on market symbols
  • Information about exchanges and assets
  • Quotes (Level 1)
  • Order books (Level 2)
  • Executed transactions
  • Exchange rates
  • OHLCV on periods starting from one second
  • Twitter data filtered to locate mentions of cryptocurrency

How are exchange rates calculated?

Exchange rates are calculated by averaging multiple market prices across various exchanges, weighted by volume traded on them in last 24 hours. To calculate the fair market value, we use both passive (Orderbook) and active (Executed transactions) market data. Our algorithm uses direct and indirect symbols to calculate the exchange rate, by crossing indirect symbols using central banks’ foreign exchange reference rates. (For example, to calculate the exchange rates of BTC/USD, we also incorporate BTC/CNY, BTC/JPY, BTC/GBP, BTC/EUR.)

What market symbol types are supported by CoinAPI?

  • FX Spot
  • Futures contracts
  • Option contracts

How many levels are available in Order book level 2 data?

By default 20 best levels from each side of the book (asks and bids) — so 40 levels in total. We are providing full unlimited order book visibility for current data on request at the moment.

Security & Privacy

What security mechanisms does CoinAPI use to protect my data?

Your "sensitive information" is stored inside the service provider, which is constantly audited and certified as a PCI-DSS Level 1 Service Provider. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. To retain the certification, a payment provider must use world-class security tools and techniques to maintain a high level of security.

What should I do if my API key is compromised?

Send us an email at [email protected] immediately, and we will generate you new key. If your old key is still in production use, we will give you time to migrate to new one.

What information do I need to provide in order to subscribe?

  • Your email address. We use this to deliver an API key.
  • Payment information, if you are subscribing to a paid plan.

Price & Billing

What is counted as a request on the RESTful API?

A request is deemed to be a single one if the limit query parameter on endpoint isn’t available, or isn’t used. Otherwise — if the limit query parameter is available and is used — then each of the 100 data points actually returned in response are counted as one request.

How I can get an invoice?

The invoices are automatically delivered to the email address tied to the subscription after the credit card charge.

Developer FAQ

Where can I find API documentation?

It’s available at

Where can I find examples and SDK source codes for API?

Take a look at our GitHub repository at

What languages do you support?

Technically any language, but we have SDK and examples available in our GitHub repository for: Python, R, MATLAB, C#.NET, C++, Java, Ruby, Go, JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js, PHP, Haskell, Objective-C

Can I participate in the CoinAPI GitHub repository?

Yes, please do! Please fork the main GitHub repository and push changes to it. When you are ready to share the changes with us, "Pull Request” to our main repository.

How is the GitHub repository organized?

There is a separate directory for each language supported, along with a README file inside it containing usage instructions.

What protocols can I use to access CoinAPI?

  • HTTP/S RESTful
  • WebSocket
  • FIX